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    • 產品名稱:陶瓷熱電阻芯

    • 產品型號:WZP-035
    • 產品廠商:其它品牌
    • 產品文檔:
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    受熱后的金屬絲電阻隨著溫度的變化而變化,其熱電阻值R(t)與其所處溫度t的關系可表示為: R(t)=Ro(1+At+Bt2+------)按測得的電阻值查相應分度號表即可得出被測溫度值t?;蛴娠@示儀表直接讀出。
    Industrial thermal resistance contains two categories, Pt thermal reistance and Copper thermal ressistance.
    Thermal resistance is used to measure temperature on the basis of the property that substances’own resistance varies with the temperature. The part of the thermal resistance that is heated (temperataure-sensing element) is made by dual winding of fine wires around the frame made of insulation materials. When there is temperature gradient in the mediums to be measured, the measured temperature is the average temperature in the dielectric layer within the range where the temperature-sensing element is placed.Packaged thermal resistance consists of connection box, protectin tube, connection terminal, insulating sleeve and various fixed devices.WZP Pt resistance’s temperature-sensing element is a Pt wire winding. Double platinum resistance mainly is used fou such situation where it is required to use secondary display instrument, recorder and accommodometer to simultaneously detect the temperature of the same place. WZC copper resistance’s temperature-snesing element is a copper wire winding.
    Temperature measurement principle of thermal resistance
    The resistance of the metal wire that has been heated varies with the termperature, and the relation between the thermal resistance value and the temperature it is at can be expressed as R(t)=Ro((1+At+Bt2+------)According to the resistance value that is measured to refer to corresponding graduation mark, the temperature t that is measured can be come out, or read it directly from the indicating instrument.


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